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Our Bankruptcy attorneys are some of the most experienced in Utah. Don't let creditors run and ruin your life. We can help you get your debt under control so you can take control back in your life. YOU CAN FILE BANKRUPTCY WITH NO MONEY DOWN. Bankruptcy can help you save your home from foreclosure, deal with tax debts. If your credit cards, medical bills or other collection accounts are making it impossible to move forward then you must call today for your FREE BANKRUPTCY CONSULTATION today.

Car Accidents

Visit our Car Accident Law Page

There are many car accident attorneys in Utah. Some have bill boards all over the state. But when you're involved in a car accident, you need an attorney that works with you personally, not a huge firm where you're just another faceless case out of hundreds. See how we offer personal, aggressive representation to help you get the best settlement possible.

Truck Accidents

Visit our Truck Accident Law Page

Truck accidents involve commercial carriers and many additional factors compared car accident cases. We have the experience to fight for you in difficult truck and big rig accident cases.

Motorcycle Accidents

Visit our Motorcycle Accident Law Page

Motorcycle accidents can involve some of the worst injuries of any accident case type. How your case is handled can have life long ramifications. You need an aggressive attorney who knows how to fight for every penny you deserve.


Visit our DUI Law Page

DUI charges in Utah carry a long and difficult path involving but DMV hearings and criminal hearings in court. Defending yourself in a DUI case can have very serious drawbacks. Talk to us about how we can defend you.


Visit our Divorce Law Page

Divorce and other family related matters are so important because of the kinds of relationships they deal with. At Richards, Brinley & Richards Law Group, we understand the strain put on families and people when things like divorce, custody and property are threatened. The most important thing you can do in times like this is have an attorney on your side looking out for your best interest. We have over 28 years experience dealing with delicate issues involved in divorce and everything involved with it.


Visit our Adoption Law Page

Adoption is a long and complex process. Our attorneys know how to guide you through the maze of legal requirements and processes. You don't need mistakes to cost you additional time or even prevent you from realizing your wish. Let us help you through the adoption process.


Visit our Immigration Law Page

Recently President Obama and Congress have talked about immigration reform. As the United State immigration laws currently sit, obtaining or changing a person's legal status in this country can be a very difficult and long process. USCIS recommends that anyway needing immigration help used a licensed immigration attorney. Kevin G. Richards has helped his own family and thousands of others gain legal status in the United States. Our team is one of the few which works on both immigration and criminal law giving us special insight into how criminal charges will affect a persons immigration status. Don't make the mistake of using someone else.