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Lawyer having consultation with client

If you’ve been charged with a DUI or other crime, you need the best criminal defense attorney you can find. Not all Utah attorneys are created equal, so learn the top 10 most desirable qualities that set the best ones apart from the rest.

  1. Responsiveness: Time is of the essence, so you need a lawyer who responds quickly to your initial call or email. If the legal team can’t arrange a meeting within 24 to 48 hours, consider looking elsewhere.
  2. Specialization: While the attorney needn’t practice criminal law exclusively, it should be one of their specialties. If you don’t see anything about criminal defense on the attorney’s website, they may not be the right kind of legal professional for you.
  3. Knowledge: Attorneys should be able to explain the basics without looking them up, such as the likely penalties for the charges against you. This familiarity with the criminal justice system bodes well for your case.
  4. Experience: Having a few decades of experience is always a good sign when looking for the best criminal defense attorney in Utah.
  5. Proven track record: After years of defending criminal cases, how many positive outcomes does the attorney have under their belt? Consider asking for examples of successful negotiations or plea deals so you can judge their track record for yourself.
  6. Fair fees: The best lawyers spell out their fees upfront to avoid any surprises. Expect a free consultation and clear hourly rates, keeping in mind that the cheapest lawyer isn’t always the best.
  7. Excellent work ethic: Some attorneys work harder than others. You want one who will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your criminal charge to build the best possible defense.
  8. Courtroom confidence: When it’s time to go to trial or accept a plea deal, the right lawyer will guide your decision based on what they feel is in your best interest. Still, they should take direction from you and never force you to go to trial or plead guilty.
  9. Good communication skills: This quality makes contacting and meeting with your attorney easier. It also helps them think on their feet in the courtroom, where they have mere seconds to decide whether to make an objection that could change the outlook of your entire case.
  10. Respect and honesty: Are ethics one of your priorities? Ask friends or family members if they have worked with an attorney they respect and felt was honest in their case, both while communicating with them and defending them in the courtroom.

The criminal defense lawyers at Richards & Richards Law Firm in Ogden, UT, are prepared to represent your case. We begin by carefully reviewing every detail and advising you on how to protect your rights during the upcoming legal proceedings. We can then defend you in state or federal court, whether you have been charged with a DUI, drug offense, or other crime. Contact us at (512) 461-4836 today to request your free case evaluation.