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What Are Grandparents’ Rights?

Richards & Richards Law Firm, PLLC provides legal representation to fight for grandparents’ rights in Ogden, UT. We understand divorce and loss are tumultuous times in a child’s life. There are times when the child’s best interest is with their grandparents. A grandparent’s access to their grandchildren is often dependent on the parents. The truth is that grandparents have rights to their grandchildren. We will fight to ensure you get to visit your grandchildren and impact their life. Contact us today for a consultation.

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Grandparent Visitation and Custody Rights

Utah law states there are multiple ways a grandparent can seek court-ordered custody or parent time. Without the parents’ consent, grandparents typically need to show the child will suffer harm if the court does not grant them parent time or custody. The legal ways grandparents can seek time with their grandchildren include:

  • Seek guardianship for the children
  • Through The Visitation Rights of Grandparents Act
  • Through the Custody for Persons Other than Parents Act
  • Through the Abuse, Neglect, or Dependency Action in Juvenile Court

Adoption involves a grandparent becoming the child’s legal guardian, which does not apply to grandparent visitation rights.

grandparent and child

What Do the Courts Review?

The courts and a judge always put the child’s best interest first. Our grandparents’ rights lawyers will consult with you to determine a plan that shows the concerns for your grandchild. The courts review the following:

  • Unreasonable limitations placed on the grandparent
  • Previous care with grandparents
  • The current guardian’s lack of competency
  • An absent parent
  • The passing of a parent

The Right to File

If you believe it is in your right as a grandparent to file for custody or visitation of your grandchildren, we will help you through the process. The Utah State Legislature gives grandparents the right to file for child visitation and custody whether the parents are in the divorce process or already divorced. It is challenging to gain a court’s approval of grandparents because most courts assume the child’s interest is typical of the guardians. There are particular scenarios when a court decides it is in the child’s best interest to be raised by their grandparent.

Why Choose Richards & Richards Law Firm, PLLC?

Richards & Richards Law Firm, PLLC is highly experienced in helping parents and grandparents resolve custody and visitation disputes. We will determine the best approach to fight for your rights as a grandparent. Our legal team understands the challenges associated with grandparents’ rights and is ready to stand in your corner. You should never have to put your grandchildren second. Let us fight for you!

Contact Richards & Richards Law Firm, PLLC

The legal experts at Richards & Richards Law Firm, PLLC in Ogden, UT, are here for you. We are your trusted family law team that puts your needs first. We have decades of experience legally representing grandparents and what is in the best interest of their grandchildren. Our legal team is committed to providing you with the highest quality professional legal services. Contact us today for a legal consultation with our experienced, knowledgeable family law lawyers!

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