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Your Local Full-Service Family Law Firm

Every child should feel safe and loved, but there are situations where they do not receive the care they deserve. At Richards & Richards, we offer professional legal services for child abuse and neglect cases. Our comprehensive legal support aims to ensure the safety of any children involved in your case. From protective orders to custody cases, our bilingual team of child abuse lawyers brings the same level of professionalism to every case we try in Ogden, Utah.

What Is Considered Childhood Neglect?

In legal terms, child neglect is a term that refers to the failure of a parent or caregiver to provide basic needs. There are various types of neglect a child can suffer, such as:

  • Educational Neglect – The child does not receive proper schooling.
  • Medical Neglect – The child does not receive the appropriate health care needed.
  • Emotional Neglect – The child is exposed to domestic violence or allowed to engage in drug or alcohol use.
  • Physical Neglect – The child is not provided with enough food, shelter, clothing, or even supervision when necessary.


Defining Child Abuse & Endangerment in Utah

Child abuse is defined as physical, sexual, or emotional harm to a child perpetrated by the parent or guardian, including domestic violence, sexual assault, and emotional torment. The parent can also be guilty of child abuse if they allow someone else to abuse their child. On the other hand, child endangerment occurs when a caregiver’s actions, or lack thereof, put a child in danger. Child endangerment could include situations where a child is left in unsafe environments or exposed to harmful substances such as drugs or alcohol.

Child Abandonment Laws in Utah

According to Utah law, there is a specific definition for child abandonment. Utah court section 78A-6-105 states:

“’ Neglect’ means action or inaction causing: (i) abandonment of a child…(ii) lack of proper parental care of a child because of the fault or habits of the parent, guardian, or custodian; (iii) failure or refusal of a parent, guardian, or custodian to provide proper or necessary subsistence, education, or medical care, or any other care necessary for the child’s health, safety, morals, or well-being; (iv) a child to be at risk of being neglected or abused because another child in the same home is neglected or abused…”

There is also a specific period that must pass before a child is considered abandoned. If a parent has passed off custody of their child to another adult and has not proven their intent to take their child back after six months, that child could be considered abandoned. The parent could also be accused of child abandonment if they have not communicated with the child for more than six months or if they fail to show appropriate interest.

Why You Need a Child Neglect Lawyer in Ogden

If you’re trying to protect a child from neglect or abuse, having an Ogden child neglect lawyer is critical. We specialize in child welfare law and know all the complex regulations and procedures that govern these sensitive cases in Utah. Our experienced attorneys will help you navigate the legal process, which can often be overwhelming and confusing. They can advise you on the best course of action, represent you in court, and advocate for the child’s best interests.

Contact Our Child Abuse Lawyer in Ogden

Richards & Richards Law Firm is dedicated to helping you protect your child from abuse or neglect. Get in touch with our full-service, bilingual family law firm to see how we can help and set up your free consultation.