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Your Local Full-Service Family Law Firm

At Richards & Richards Law Firm in Ogden, Utah, our prenuptial and antenuptial services are designed to protect and secure your financial future. No one enters a marriage believing they will need a prenuptial agreement, but it is always best to be prepared in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Our legal team can help you create a fair prenuptial or antenuptial agreement that covers any potential outcome.

What Is a Prenup?

A prenuptial agreement, more commonly known as a prenup, is a contract created by a couple before they get married or enter into a civil partnership. This document, created with an experienced attorney,  stipulates how assets, debts, and other financial matters would be divided between the parties in the event of a divorce, separation, or death. It protects individual assets, supports estate planning, and can help simplify the divorce process if it occurs.

How Do Prenuptial Agreements Work?

In the state of Utah, prenups are referred to as premarital agreements. According to the relevant laws, these agreements must follow a certain set of rules to be legally binding. If your prenup is not legally enforceable, it is essentially useless, making it essential to work with an expert prenuptial attorney in Ogden like Richards & Richards Law Firm.

Who Should Get a Prenup?

While traditionally associated with the extremely wealthy, prenuptial agreements can be beneficial for many types of people. Those with substantial assets, business ownership, significant debt, children from previous relationships, or who expect a large inheritance or increase in income may wish to consider a prenup. It can also be beneficial for anyone who wants clarity and security around financial matters in the event of divorce or death.

Remember that getting a prenup does not mean you don’t believe your relationship will last. Many couples that are extremely secure in their relationships choose to get prenups. These agreements can make dealing with a potential separation much easier if that day comes, especially considering how difficult divorce cases can be without such a contract in place.

Do Prenuptial Agreements Differ From Antenuptial Agreements?

Regarding legal terminology, “prenuptial” and “antenuptial” are two names for the same thing.

Regional differences may influence the preferred term, but the concept and legal implications remain the same.

How Long Does a Prenup Last?

Most prenuptial agreements last for the entire duration of a marriage and will only expire in the case of divorce or death. Some couples choose to include a “sunset clause” in their prenup, which automatically terminates the agreement after a certain period or under specific conditions. Prenups can be explicitly revoked by both members of the marriage in writing if they so wish.

Do Prenups Need Infidelity Clauses?

Prenuptial agreements do not need infidelity clauses. They are primarily designed to deal with financial matters. While a couple can decide to include provisions related to infidelity, it’s not as common as popular culture or media may lead you to believe. Many delicate decisions and factors must be considered, so it’s crucial to speak with a family law expert before moving forward.

Contact Our Ogden Prenuptial Attorney

With years of experience as a full-service family law firm, Richards & Richards Law Firm is here to ensure your prenuptial process is as stress-free and convenient as possible. Don’t wait to prepare for the future and protect your assets – contact us to schedule your prenup consultation.