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Going through a divorce is stressful. Understandably, most people want to get through this painful process as quickly as possible, but unfortunately, some factors can slow your divorce proceedings. Let’s take a look at some of them as well as discuss how working with the right attorney can help speed the process.

First, what are some things that can affect the time it takes for you to get a divorce?

  • Your location matters. In Utah, for instance, there is a 90-day waiting period between the time you file and the time the divorce is granted. You or your spouse also must have been a resident of Utah for at least three months before being allowed to file for divorce in Utah. An attorney can sometimes find a way to get that 90-day requirement waived.
  • Whether your divorce is fault-based or no-fault figures into the time frame. Examples of fault-based divorces in Utah include those filed on the grounds of adultery, desertion, habitual drunkenness, or felony conviction. However, you can also file for a no-fault divorce, stating irreconcilable differences. A fault-based divorce slows the process because you will be required to prove your grounds for divorce at a hearing or trial. Your attorney can advise you on the best path to take.
  • Finding your spouse can sometimes be an issue. Sometimes, a spouse will avoid being served, and this can delay your divorce. Having an attorney in your court can make steps like this less complicated, and your attorney will likely advise you to hire a process server.
  • Contested divorces take longer than uncontested. With a contested divorce, there is a trial. An uncontested divorce simply requires both spouses to sign the paperwork, which will then be presented to a judge who will review them and, if they’re in order, grant the divorce. Your attorney can help you navigate either situation to speed up the process.
  • The workload in your county will be a factor in the speed of your divorce. If there’s a backlog, it can take longer, and that’s also true if there’s a large population in your county. Your case has to wait its turn to get on the calendar, but sometimes having an attorney who understands the system can move things along more quickly.
  • The complexity of your divorce can cause it to go more slowly. If you have a lot of property or assets, or there are custody or visitation issues, it can take longer than a simpler case. Your attorney can help you and your spouse come to an agreement that is agreeable to both of you, yet offers you protection if there’s a problem like your spouse hiding assets. Having an expert in divorce law in your corner will smooth the process, even if it’s complicated.

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